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Summary of Services Performed

Foreclosure Services: (Non-Judicial, Judicial, Contract Forfeiture, MH Replevin): Manage all aspects of the foreclosure process in conjunction with approved counsel including:

  • Send Demand Letter and/or other notices required by the loan documents or law
  • Order and review foreclosure title search & report findings
  • Order drive-by appraisal/BPO when necessary
  • Manage foreclosure actions in all 50 states with approved legal counsel for execution of foreclosure action in its entirety pursuant to statutory requirements from first legal through sale and final deed to investor
  • Monitor progress of action and facilitate execution of all necessary documentation
  • Provide status reporting via e-mail, fax, phone and on-line status access throughout
  • Review and confirm clear title in preparation for recording of deed to investor
  • Coordinate reinstatement/payoff demands
  • Assist in title curative/clearance; document research; payment history/financial audits
  • Manage contested actions/litigation in coordination with approved counsel

Bankruptcy Services: Manage all aspects of the bankruptcy process in conjunction with approved counsel including:

  • Chapter 7: Coordinate and manage Motion for Relief from Automatic Stay; Proof of claim if necessary; Reaffirmation Agreement
  • Chapter 13: Coordinate and manage through approved counsel, Proof of claim/Plan review; Objections; attend Creditor's meeting if necessary; Negotiate A/P Order; Motion for Relief from Stay; Breach/Default letters; Negotiations with Trustee or debtor's counsel; Attend hearings as necessary; Adversary action representation; Monitor through Confirmation of Plan
  • Research, monitor and coordinate representation in Chapter 11 proceedings

Deed In Lieu of Foreclosure Services: Manage all aspects of DIL process in conjunction with approved counsel including:

  • Obtain and review preliminary title commitment to insure chain of title is clear
  • Draft Deed, Estoppel Affidavit or other required documentation
  • Coordinate delivery and execution of documents, delivery of keys and secure property
  • Obtain property inspections/BPO when requested
  • Review title in preparation for recording of deed
  • Record deed and obtain final title policy when requested

Eviction Services: Manage all aspects of the eviction process in conjunction with approved counsel including:

  • Notice to quit or Vacate
  • File Summons/Complaint for Unlawful Detainer
  • Attend hearing(s) through Writ issuance; negotiations for cash for keys or stipulated vacate date; adversary/contested actions
  • Coordinate lockout with Sheriff

Miscellaneous Services in conjunction with approved counsel:

  • Curative title actions and title claim filing
  • Coordinate, monitor, attend and bid at Sr. Lien foreclosure sales
  • Defensive litigation and representation
  • Tax research, redemption coordination
  • Loss mitigation services (forbearance/modification agreements)
  • REO coordination and assignment for aftermarket sale
  • Reconveyance and Mortgage satisfaction processing (individual and bulk)
  • Obtain Broker Price Opinion/Appraisal
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